If we haven't met, I'm Matt
I live with my wife, an incredible artist, and two cats Miso and Sushi. I'm a believer, graphic designer, illustrator, art director, car enthusiast, and a bit of a perfectionist. The desire to improve what's around me drives my work to support and serve others through creative problem solving. By providing intentional design solutions, I aim as often as possible to bridge connections between ideas and visuals with the process "form follows function". Additionally, my experience with in-house design and brand management pushes me to explore new ideas and apply them effectively to multi-media campaigns, brand development/identity, and illustration. Lists are my friend and sketching is vital.

So let's work together!
The team, and a team oriented mindset, is often the most effective way to create impactful results on a project. In addition to my assigned role, I strive to encourage others, see multiple perspectives within a project, and love providing feedback along the way to ensure the end goal is met. Having supervised both students and full time employees in my career, I am always learning how to best give direction on projects while communicating effectively; therefore, I also welcome any thoughts in return to continue to grow (yes, even on this website).

Whether you would like to work with me, need a design created, or just want feedback on an idea or design, I'm happy to talk! You can reach me at

Resume and references available upon request.

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