Making connections between tangible items and intangible ideas is an important part of a designer's work. The goal of this project was to make a connection between the intangible word "point" with a battery, bouncy ball, and a rubber band. Once this connection had been made, a product was to be delivered as the final project.
The result is a package design for a conceptualalized energy drink company named Bounce. The word “point” has influence over several design factors such as the voltage symbol and the heart rate in the background. Due to the energetic nature of batteries, the cans were created to represent the layout of a battery. Lastly, the band that wraps around the top of the can was formulated from bouncy ball textures. Five different products were mocked up to show different amounts of caffeine (in mg) to appeal to different groups of people. The range of caffeine distribution in each can corresponds to battery sizes to help the customer better visualize the amount of energy received per can.

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