Mindset: Anderson University's Senior Art Show 2017
Mindset is a concept created for the 2017 Senior Art and Design Show at Anderson University. Designed and executed collaboratively, Mindset communicates how artists think, what they value, and how they work. Creatives have a unique way of solving problems and producing work that effectively shares their ideas, and the visuals throughout this show illustrate these differences in an approachable way. Mindset invites viewers to explore how an artist sees the world and encourages them to discover their own perspective.
More Than Creative

The graduating art and design seniors at the South Carolina School of the Arts at Anderson University represent a multitude of concentrations: art education, ceramics, graphic design, and painting and drawing. But we are so much more than a label on a diploma; we are seekers, learners, helpers, doers, finders, solvers, makers, and changers. We are mind-setters. We make and we see and we share different perspectives to grow and strengthen the environment around us.  
We are creatives.  But more than that – we are ready.

Web/Copy: Savannah Mabry, Matt Swank, Mike Burch, Liz Borowski, Daniel Whitlaw, and Anna McAbee.
Print: Rachel Garrison, Matt Swank, Jennifer Bowers, and Sarah McAbee.
Outreach Marketing: Meredith Lyons, Elledge Willis, Ben Boerma, and Morgan Stigall.
Social Media/Hype: Frances Stephens, Emily Hill, Miranda Hayes, Sundari Harris, Katie Lasitter.
Visuals: Caroline Hopper, Cameron Ohls, Christian Crocker, and Lauren Marshall.
Project Manager: Anna Tabor 

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