*2016 AAF Greenville, Student Silver ADDY
As a group, design a magazine that conceptually showcases the design ideals of the Mid-Century Modern time period.
As the acronym for the series name states, ERA magazine focuses on Eradicating Resourceless Adulthood through education of various aspects of daily life. Designed for millennials, the first issue compares consumerism in America during the 40s and 50s to materialism of today while also explaining how the Mid-Century Modern designers helped solve problems of their time. The layout and the older, black and white photos form the main structure of the magazine while the colors, illustrations, header titles, and energetic typography attract younger individuals. By pairing those contrasting elements, the magazine’s visuals present the value of combining the old and the new to create something more interesting and functional.
Designed by: Savannah Mabry, Cameron Ohls, and Matt Swank

Designed by: Savannah Mabry, Cameron Ohls, and Matt Swank.
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