This website was designed to sell a limited edition version of the National Lampoons Christmas Vacation DVD. Targeted towards young to middle-aged adults who have a spouse and children of their own, this movie seeks to encourage those who work hard for their families and may feel under appreciated or hopeless during Christmas time.
The website is set up to reflect the atmosphere of the film by using single-framed images for each page on the site. Visually, each page represents a room in the house featured in the movie overlaid by torn pieces of scrap paper that serve as clickable elements. These are intended to evoke a scrap book feel commonly associated with a family theme. As a whole, the new website will focus on three aspects of Christmas Vacation that will uplift the target audience and make them want to buy the DVD. First, the site will help the leaders of the family realize that they can take on stress associated with Christmas by laughing at the uncontrollable in a positive refection of reality. Second, to highlight the importance of enjoying family and the time you have with them while it is available. Third, that it is okay to mess up because through imperfections life is more interesting and less monotonous.​​​​​​​

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