Design a conceptual series of book jackets for the Penguin Classics.
There are many points in life where we must make serious decisions that cannot be undone. This series was put together to illustrate to young men in high school the importance of consequences while simultaneously serving as a guide to their moral decision making. In order to more effectively show the audience how to act as a male role model, each story chosen focuses on what can happen if one does not make good life choices.
The book jackets were designed as playing cards to represent how life choices can be a gamble. Different art principles were used to construct the patterns of each figure on the covers to show how a decision could either positively or negatively affect an individual. The text at the base of each book was placed upside down to cause user interaction and increase understanding of the fights we face. The audience should be challenged to learn from the protagonist’s mistakes, reflect on themselves, and apply such thoughts to everyday life as they grow and mature.

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