The website for the Salvation Army has an overarching goal to make their objective known: to fight for the souls of those who do not know the gospel of Christ and are not saved. By showing the positive results of the Salvation Army’s efforts so far, the website can clearly portray the reality of their message statement and request help and donations.
The redesigned website will be inviting to the general public, who have money and Internet access, but will also maintain its historical roots. It is important to make the viewer feel that they are investing in something that is legitimate and has a strong foundation. Therefore, the design should reflect those attributes that the company already has through use of similar visual brand elements such as the logo shape, color, and typography. By using strong, high contrast photos of individuals, the website will represent a visual battle between light and dark. This idea will be further conveyed through the shield icons used throughout the website.

As the user scrolls, the logo stays in the upper right hand corner of the web browser as a sticky element. If hovered over, the logo turns into a direct link to a page where the user can donate to The Salvation Army.

When a user scrolls on the mobile site, the logo changes into a banner style button that stays at the top of the screen and has the same link attached to the button as the original logo. Since in mobile use, the logo can not be hovered over, the issue was resolved in this way.
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