Rebrand Carroll Shelby International to market their unique value. Create a new tagline, name, logo, and brand standards manual for the company.
Continuing the American legacy under the new name Thoroughbred, the iconic muscle car manufacturer represents a fusion of legendary power, original design, and a lineage of innovative engineering. While the tagline supports the company’s historical passion and motive, the name “Thoroughbred” helps customers more clearly envision the cars as enhanced versions of Ford’s Mustang. The dual functionality of a suitable everyday car with a racing quality engine appeals to the middle-aged male, Thoroughbred’s largest customer base, whom they strive to respect. To represent the company’s desire to continually improve their vehicles and their customer interaction, the logo sums up Thoroughbred’s ideals by combining an engine block, a timeline, a horse head, and the letter “T” into one symbol. 

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